Online Reference Guide



For tickets received in El Paso County, Texas (change county)

Including the Municpal Courts in Anthony, Clint, El Paso, Horizon and Scorro as well as all Justice of the Peace precincts.

Below you will find information about court locations, traffic school elections and fighting a ticket in court as well as all of the necessary forms you need.

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Select one of the following options:

Pay the Ticket in full
By just paying the fine, you plead guilty to the ticket and points will be assessed on your license. This adjudication will appear on your driving record and your insurance may be affected and/or cancelled.
Elect a Defensive Driving Course
By electing a defensive driving course, you pay for the ticket but points are NOT assessed on your license. This adjudication will be WITHHELD on your driving record and your insurance CANNOT be effected as long as you were not at fault in a crash.
Contest the Ticket in Court
If you choose to contest the ticket, you may be eligible to have your ticket dismissed upon successful completion of a deferred disposition. You must appear in person at one of the court locations to determine eligibility for this option.

Know the Facts

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Texas law gives you three options regarding your citation. You must enter a plea by the appearance date located at the bottom of your citation, or be subject to a late fee and other possible actions including suspension of your driver license. Even if you feel you deserved the ticket, you may elect a driver safety course to keep it off your record, avoid the points and prevent the violation from raising your insurance rates.


  Anthony Municipal Court
P.O. Box 1269
Town of Anthony, TX 79821
  Clint Municipal Court
P.O. Box 350
Clint, TX 79836
  El Paso Municipal Court
810 E. Overland St.
El Paso, TX 79901
  Horizon City Municipal Court
14999 Darrington Rd.
Horizon City, TX 79928
  Socorro Municipal Court
860 N. Rio Vista Rd.
Socorro, TX 79927
  Justice of the Peace
Precinct 1

Hon. Robert Pearson
424 Executive Ctr Blvd. #100
El Paso, TX 79902
  Justice of the Peace
Precinct 2
Hon. Brian J. Haggerty
4641 Cohen Ave. #A
El Paso, TX 79924

  Justice of the Peace
Precinct 3

Hon. Guadalupe Aponte
500 E. San Antonio Ave. #308
El Paso, TX 79901

  Justice of the Peace
Precinct 4

Hon. Barbara Perez
1219 Barranca Dr. #B
El Paso, TX 79936

  Justice of the Peace
Precinct 5

Hon. Monica Teran
9521 Socorro Rd. #B2
El Paso, TX 79927

  Justice of the Peace
Precinct 6 Place 1

Hon. Ruben Lujan
190 San Elizario Rd.
P.O. Box 597
Clint, TX 79836
  Justice of the Peace
Precinct 6 Place 1

Hon. Rosalie Dominguez
14608 Greg Dr.
El Paso, TX 79938

  Justice of the Peace
Precinct 7

Hon. Bruce D. King
431 Vinton Rd. #A
P.O. Box 1936
Canutillo, TX 79835



      Simple steps:
1. Tell the Clerk of Court or Judge that you wish to complete a defensive driving class or driver safety course.
2. Complete a course & get a certificate of completion back to the clerk or judge before the deadline they give you.
  (Usually you have 60 or 90 days to complete a course and file your certificate of completion)
Only one election per 12 month period. CDL drivers are eligible only by a court order.